A fresh approach to eye care.

Hello – it’s so nice to SEE you! Now that we’ve gotten that pun out of our system, please let us introduce ourselves.

Eyes on Meridian is an independently owned, full-service optometry office that was born out of a simple idea – what if going to the eye doctor could be fun? OK, maybe not “fun”, but at least a pleasant experience?

To achieve this, we put customer service at the heart of everything we do. We understand that you’re taking time out of your busy schedule to see us and that going to the optometrist isn’t at the top of your priority list. Because of this, we’re driven to provide the best patient experience and take pride in providing a warm, family friendly environment for patients of all ages.

And yes, if you were wondering, this means we do not perform that dreaded “air puff” test here.


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See Better.

Don’t struggle with your vision if you don’t have to! We’re here to help you see your absolute best at all distances. We’ll tailor a custom contact lens, glasses or perhaps LASIK plan just for you based on your lifestyle. Once you’ve joined the Eyes on Meridian family, we’ll keep those vision needs in check.

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Stay Healthy.

Your exam is more than just seeing well, we focus on diagnosing and treating ocular conditions to preserve the vision you have. We’re also an urgent care for your eyes, so call us if your eyes are red, dry, itchy or if one of them ends up an accidental target from a Nerf gun.

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Look Amazing.

We have a passion for excellent eye wear and we’ve curated an ever-changing collection of stylish and comfortable frames to fit any style. Each collection we carry has a unique story and we love supporting independent companies, just like us! Let us help you find a pair of glasses that leaves you feeling confident and adds an extra bit of swagger to your step.

Our Visionaries

Dr. Nessa Livingston

Dr. Nessa Livingston





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