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At Eyes on Meridian, we understand that exceptional eyewear is a blend of fashion and function. Our curated collection is a testament to our commitment to premium quality and style, offering a range of price points for discerning tastes.


We believe in making a statement – not just with clearer vision but with eyewear that enhances your look. It's about more than just seeing better; it's about providing an unparalleled experience in style and comfort with frames that reflect your individuality.

Optical at Eyes on Meridian
Eyes on Meridian Front Desk Signage
Optician at Eyes on Meridian
Our skilled opticians are here to guide you to crystal-clear vision with the best lenses, and they'll help you choose the ideal frame to suit your face perfectly. At Eyes on Meridian, we blend high-end expertise with a friendly touch, offering quality that justifies every penny. Expect nothing but the best, because you deserve an eyewear experience that's as remarkable as you are.
Caviar Eyeglasses
MODO Eco Eyewear
Etnia Barcelona
Maui Jim Sunglasses
Morel Eyewear
Ray Ban
Lool light eyewear
State Eyewear Boise Idaho
Kate Spade Glasses
141 Eyewear Boise Idaho
Titanflex Eyewear
Cinzia by Europa
Lightec Eyewear
L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani
Ted Baker London
Dutz Eyewear
gx by Gwen Stefani

We take pride in our unique eyewear collection, each with a story. We support independent companies, reflecting our commitment to quality and distinctiveness. Our frames stand out from mass-produced options, offering individuality that matches our patients' personalities.
It's about bringing you eyewear that's as unique as you are.

We’re also big fans of honest and transparent pricing.


At Eyes on Meridian, we focus on recommending only the optical solutions that truly enhance your vision and life. Our straightforward pricing ensures you understand exactly what you're getting, without the stress of unnecessary extras. We're committed to providing clear, valuable options that align with your needs, ensuring quality and satisfaction with every choice you make.

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