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Medical Eye Care Services

Your exam is more than just seeing well, we focus on diagnosing and treating ocular conditions to preserve the vision you have. We're also an urgent care for your eyes, so call us if your eyes are red, itchy, or if one of them ends up an accidental target of a Nerf gun.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Our eye doctors have been trained to look for specific changes to the eye that happen when a person has diabetes. It is recommended that diabetic patients have a retinal eye exam each year.


Cataracts are the world's most common cause of blindness. At Eyes on Meridian, our optometrists can catch cataract formation early, so that you never have to suffer from vision loss that impairs your daily activities. 


Since most of the time it is painless, glaucoma is known as the "silent stealer of sight" and as many as 50% of people who have glaucoma don't know they have it.  Our optometrists screen for glaucoma at every comprehensive eye exam. 


Did you get something in your eye or did you get hit in the eye? We have special equipment to examine your eye injury so you can start feeling better soon!

Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease is a very common problem that can happen.  Symptoms include blurred vision, a foreign body sensation, or even watery eyes. There are many dry eye treatments available and our doctors can recommend the best course of treatment for your eyes.

Pink Eye or Eye Infections

If your eyes are itchy or red, they need to be looked at by an eye doctor for treatment and rule out conjunctivitis or infection.  Our doctors specialize in ocular disease and can help you get relief fast!

Macular Degeneration

Our eye doctors manage and diagnose macular degeneration which can be hereditary.  Make sure you let us know if this runs in your family and your optometrist will give you tips on how to lower your risk of developing the disease.

Floaters or Flashes of Light

Experiencing a new floater or flashes of light in your vision? These symptoms can sometimes be concerning due to their involvement with the retina. Our eye doctors can rule out anything vision threatening with a medical office visit.

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